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Little Gallery Application Guidelines 2023-2024
*please read full guidelines for dates*

Who may apply: New or emerging artists or groups of artists (five persons or less). All mediums are accepted for consideration. Artists who have exhibited in the Little Gallery within the past five seasons are not eligible to reapply at this time.
Applications available on Website: February 15 – February 28, 2023.
Completed application deadline: Applications must be entered before 4:00pm on Friday, March 31, 2023 to be considered.

Materials required to be considered:
1. Completed application.

2. A biography of the artist or group.

3. Sample of the artwork to be exhibited. Reproducible images may be photographs, or downloadable electronic reproductions. These materials may be used, at the Foundation’s discretion, on the Gallery in the Sun Museum website.

4. Little Gallery Fee $35.00, non-refundable processing fee. We will except the fee in a check or money order only and it must be turned in with the application.

5. Notifications: Letters will be mailed on Monday, April 24, 2023. In this letter all applicants will find out if they have been or have not been chosen for the upcoming season, along with dates for their show.

6. Installation and Removal of the Exhibits: Set up can begin after 12:00 pm, the Saturday before your opening reception. The artist or group prior to you have until 12:00 pm to remove their belongings. Your show will be exhibited for 13 days. Someone must always be in the Little Gallery during our regular business hours. The gallery will provide 1 table, 1 chair, 1 key, and the firewood you need. Anything other than that, must be provided by artist or group. When installing artwork, chains provided by the gallery will be used for hanging your work to avoid damages to the adobe walls. If you need more chains, please notify us and we will be glad to accommodate you. Please note there is no WI- FI out there, so if you are receiving credit cards please check into other options.

7. Liability: Guest artists are responsible for all of their own property brought onto the Gallery in the Sun Museum complex. The DeGrazia Foundation assumes no responsibility for damage to or theft of the artists’ work.

8. Standard of Conduct: Artists exhibiting in the Little Gallery are guests of the DeGrazia Foundation and are expected to be worthy ambassadors for the Gallery in the Sun Museum. As such, they are required to be respectful of visitors and staff, the grounds and structures, indigenous flora and fauna, and the Little Gallery. This respect shows itself in the spoken word, in fair and honest transactions with customers, and in treatment of the environment. Disregard of this standard of conduct will constitute breach of the agreement, and the exhibiting artist or group may be asked to leave the Gallery in the Sun Museum.

Contact Information:
Lisa Palmer
Gift Shop/Office Manager
520-299-9191 EXT#124

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