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With success, Ettore “Ted” DeGrazia became the self-proclaimed “most reproduced artist in the world.” DeGrazia handpicked artists from around the country to recreate his images in new forms. In 1974, the DeGrazia guild was formed in the tradition of the Medieval guilds, the guild members all working on their individual mediums to capture and interpret his original images. DeGrazia wanted regular everyday people to be able to afford his art without having to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on original pieces they could not afford. His guild produced these pieces, which included jewelry, figurines, candles, and many more items.

Guild members included Jodi Kirk, Carol Locust, Adele Smith, Jan Norriss, Yvette Andree Clement, Ginny Moss, Pam Craig, Cassandra Hotchkiss, Kathy Gabriel, Fred Kev, Beth Coppage, Renee Gottschalk, Delia Gigueroa, Shirley Clarke Van Cleef, Barry Siedel, and Michel Marzano.

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