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Outdoor Educational Workshop


“If you ever enter a gallery or museum a feeling of art comes over you, but when you enter Gallery in the Sun, more happens. You almost feel what he felt when he was painting his pictures. You could tell what mood he was in.” Haley Latrecchia, Age 10

Children’s access to art has been an important principle of the DeGrazia Foundation since it’s founding.

For school tours, teachers are responsible for scheduling, organizing transportation, and adequate supervision. Reimbursement for transportation costs may be available from the DeGrazia Foundation.

Tours include a walk through of Ted and Marion’s original home located on our 10 acre site, as well as their burial sites. Most of the tour will be spent walking the Mission in the Sun and the DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun. Groups will be outside for approximately a half hour, so please dress for the weather and region.

Groups can expect to learn about the life, history and philosophy of the prolific artist Ted DeGrazia. We will discuss art mediums and techniques, Southwest Native American legends and ceremonies, desert horticulture and recycling objects for art, among other topics.

Presentations are also available for groups unable to make it to the gallery- or available to groups that plan to come later to the gallery for tours. If your group is able to schedule both, a presentation and a tour, it enhances the entire experience.

Tours of the Gallery in the Sun are available Monday through Friday from 10:00am-4:00pm. To schedule a tour in advance contact the Education Director, Shannon Stone, at 520-299-9191, 800-545-2185 or


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